March 14, 2009

cy twombly

March 11, 2009

edouard vuillard

close friend of pierre bonnard and fellow member of 'les nabis'

March 09, 2009

de koer

here's something i painted quickly while working on my film, 'erszebet'. there was this amazing sunlight falling down on a parkinglot, through an emergency door, in my studio.
i have an exposition right now, in the departement where i graduated, and i rediscovered this oil-sketch

max slevogt

sometimes you will meet painters,
and while you gaze at their 'oeuvre', their collection of works, you notice a sort of hunger.
some people are just obsessed by painting.
here's Max slevogt, a very passionate german painter.
and i notice the hunger

there's a quote comming from him, i remember. he said
'everytime i see a tintoretto i get exited about painting. everytime i see a rembrandt i just want to give up.'

a very familiar feeling

March 07, 2009

william turner

presenting venice by monet

source is,
where they mentioned an upcoming exhibition about venice,
worth looking up.
if i had sufficient funds, i would be there now.
enjoy these masterpieces