June 28, 2009

the bible for painters

i found it, oddly, on a second hand market. it was just lying there. I have been looking for something like it for YEARS!
carefully and professionally the writer, gino piva, has writen everything technical about painting in it. you might know, but painting is somewhat of a lost art. in art-school, they don't teach 'technique" anymore. it's all about the artistical prestation. I have come to a point in my paintings where I believe, if I can advance my technical skills, the creative story will enhance.

so, if it interests you as well, ask about this book. look it up. my version is translated from italian, so it might have been translated in dozens of other languages.
or, come to me. I'll become your teacher


i haven't done much lately. i've been enjoying graduating, actually.
meeting friends i haven't had the chance to see in a long time. i took a
short vacation in my uncle's cabin in the woods. i tried to relax a little.

i seem to have succeeded. people tell me they've never seen me healthier.
i suppose obsession is a bit like being sick. you're absent all the time,
and the colour of your skin turns pale. you hardly ever come out, and you
can't sleep.

I would like to show you the result of a video-exhibition i recently did.
the film is called 'vreemdeling' or stranger. the subject of this exhibition
was a small old town. it was our job to 'preserve' it in a certain way.
this is my attempt to do so. i found Denderleeuw to be very claustrofobic,
and empty. as if this small town could dissapear at any time.
there was an enormous limitation in budget, so i worked with what i got.
i tried to handle this video-footage as if I were painting, as if the camera
was a paintbrush, and the cinemascreen was a canvas.

i would like to show you around there someday.

June 10, 2009


i'm actually proud of this frame from my film,
hence the reason for posting an older work

June 03, 2009

my new filmproject is being reviewed by a commision since yesterday.
this commission will decide if i will be funded, the flemish governement (through the VAF flemisch filmhouse) will either grant me the necessairy money, or they won't

they practically decide if this project will be made, or not.

it's called 'norman', a story about obsession and angst, paranoia, beauty and horror.
nothing else is possible, but this time again, it will be made in oil-paint animation

here's a quick preview