July 29, 2012

nieuw idee

een kleine teaser voor wat er -misschien- komt the goodbye girl

March 07, 2012

October 29, 2011

something that will appear in the film

January 28, 2011

January 14, 2011


sketched in pensils,
after one of my favorite portraits
'portret van een kleptomaan' or 'l'alliené' or 'le kleptomane' ca. 1822
by théodore géricault.

sketched while sitting on a bench, in front of the painting
in absolute awe

September 02, 2010

imaginary family

music video, music by Joanna Isselé

May 30, 2010


April 28, 2010


it is just a sketch

you will not be seeing this image in the film
but a beautifull accomplishment none the less. painted by Brechtjan Verschuere

April 25, 2010

workshop sint niklaas

a few weeks ago, i was a teacher at a workshop in Sint niklaas. the animated video's made at the workshop will be shown at 'coup de ville', an art exhibit in somewhere in sint niklaas

this is a video I absolutely wanted to post. usually all teenagers in workshops make the same kind of film. I never saw a student make something like this, though.
notice it is also the first time this girl, Louise, did animation.

March 26, 2010


Coming Tuesday 30 March, I have been invited to give a series of lectures about my student short film 'erzebet' at the cypresgallery in Leuven. 'Erszebet' was included in the Selection of works at this year's Kulturama art festival. My film caught some attention, and CJP invited me to give the lectures to an audience of young adults.

I am looking forward to it!

my brand new work-studio

i will be recording my new shortfilm in this beautifull chamber. Anyone curious about the recording of my oil-painted animated film, please, feel free to visit. anyone is welcome!
send me an email at robbevervaek@gmail.com if you wish to see.

the location of the studio is at ghent, in the minnemeers business center

February 12, 2010

this weekend in Leuven there is an arts festival, called Kulturama.
Erszebet is part of this city-wide exhibition. a limited edition dvd of the my graduationproject "erszebet" has been created for these purposes, for sale in the Cypresgalerie.

January 17, 2010

nagasawa rosetsu

notice the monkeys.
I have seen them before. (gabriel cornelius ritter-von max)
both artists portrey apes as very arrogant, bossy creatures.
it seems right. monkeys nowadays are usually pictured as lovable clumpsy human-like beasts. the clowns of nature.
we might need to adjust this image

January 07, 2010

besides paintings, i also collect alot of strong images.
there seem te be several things i'm drawn to. someday I will demonstrate by expanding
my blogging experience. soon, i should start promoting myself seriously. my work is coming together, finally.
I can't promise much material, but i have set foot in the right direction. hopefully i'll be able to get some attention from gallerys then.

on that note, probably in februari, there will be an exhibition in Leuven, Belgium, about erszebet.

here is one of these incredible powerfull images,
it might also be a taste of things to come:
it is a filmstill from battleship potemkin, from eisenstein,
printed out by bacon on a small sheet of cardboard,
the decay of the cardboard adds an extra dimension

December 29, 2009

December 27, 2009


paul delaroche

the answer to years of googling by martha

December 25, 2009

and now some proof that painting doesn't have to be complex:

Philip Guston

what happened to automatov petrov?

i don't know, I've been busy isn't really much of an excuse.

to those people, prying and asking about the absence of posts,
you can always find me on facebook:
on urban sketchers:
urban sketchers
on gentschetst:

I will try and post again, regularly on automatovpetrov.
It's a bit of mystery to me too, why i haven't posted anything since the 10th of september.
My obsession for oilpainting hasn't dissappeared, my desire to share it with people neither.

September 10, 2009

my dossier has been approved by the flemish filmfund.
I will be directing a new shortfilm.

August 03, 2009

brechtjan verschuere

a friend of mine, hopefully the VAF will grant me the money to make the film, he will be the backgroundartist.

"zijn werk draait rond fragiliteit. brechtjan is geniaal in de 'vorm' hij kan met hele rake materialen en vormen, met objecten omgaan, en zo enorm mooie broze composities neerpennen.
brechtjan die is ergens het vreemde midden tussen een verzamelaar, een designer en een schilder"

July 23, 2009

i have to, i really do

recently I gave a lecture about the relationship between art and cinema. between painting and cinema. there wasn't really a huge turn-up, unfortunatly, but i would advice everyone to go buy or rent the Peter Greenaway documentairy 'rembrandt, j'accuse'
He analizes 'de nachtwacht' by rembrandt meticously.
but that's not what is interesting,
what's interesting is the subtext.

cinema is capable of MORE,
and the vague notions can be spotted by the attentfull observer.

as a treat,
and a compulsion,
i'll post 'de nachtwacht'

it's only natural I would post it someday.