January 07, 2010

besides paintings, i also collect alot of strong images.
there seem te be several things i'm drawn to. someday I will demonstrate by expanding
my blogging experience. soon, i should start promoting myself seriously. my work is coming together, finally.
I can't promise much material, but i have set foot in the right direction. hopefully i'll be able to get some attention from gallerys then.

on that note, probably in februari, there will be an exhibition in Leuven, Belgium, about erszebet.

here is one of these incredible powerfull images,
it might also be a taste of things to come:
it is a filmstill from battleship potemkin, from eisenstein,
printed out by bacon on a small sheet of cardboard,
the decay of the cardboard adds an extra dimension


joris said...

Waar is onze clip, Robbe?

robbe said...

heb je al niet genoeg persaandacht? :)