December 30, 2008

happy newyear

December 21, 2008

i want to introduce you to three amazingly beautifull women.
paintings can make you fall in love. or lust.
and with these three i hope you might finally understand the story of pygmalion.
i would like too see these people, these situations, happen in real life. same colours, same shapes, same feelings.

please, enjoy
i want you to understand what paint is capable of.

December 12, 2008

i went to see luc degryse yesterday.
he want's to exhibit some of my work in februari. showing it in the departement where i graduated.
seems like a nice idea, right?
i do think so.

two pictures i find very interesting.
one is the poster fril 'the birds' by hitchcock.
the other one is an antique postcard i found while browsering ebay.
part of being interested in art is never stopping at it's own borders.
not everything needs to come out of a museum. most things that are never really
exhibited belong in musea more than current artists.

i went to 'night of the museum'(nacht van het museum) last week, and the exhibition in the SMAK gallery, the ghent museum of modern art almost made me cry. it was uphauling, honestly.

enjoy the pictures,
i'll explain sometime soon why i find them interesting.

December 06, 2008

updating the blog

'oh, listen to him babble,he's full of intentions again' i hear automatov moan.
don't worry, dearest friend, ill expand this personal cult around you. it is about time you , dear petrov, gain some personality.
i am going to make you a real character.
'great' he sighs sarcastically

here's the idea of automatov petrov. the deeper, underlying thought. for those who aren't afraid to be deep, off course. automatov petrov is a metaphore. an explanation for what's intense about painters. they are all searching for a way to depict theyre dailey lives. what they see of what they feel or whatever. this urge to depict, is like another persona.
a painter lives a life like any other, but in the back of his head, through his eyes, another man watches. someone observing everything.

December 02, 2008

it's been a while since i've posted here
don't hold it over my head,
it has also been a while since i've painted something i was happy with.
i'm thinking about expanding this blog, actually. you'll notice it when the big change happens.
but automatov might start chatting about my new film project, 'the invisible man'
we'll see how it goes

in the mean time, here's another bonnard-interpretation. i actually enjoy painting myself in his world. i've always been so jealous of his paintings, this kind of feels like a friendly invasion. it kinda summarizes were i would want too be