December 12, 2008

i went to see luc degryse yesterday.
he want's to exhibit some of my work in februari. showing it in the departement where i graduated.
seems like a nice idea, right?
i do think so.

two pictures i find very interesting.
one is the poster fril 'the birds' by hitchcock.
the other one is an antique postcard i found while browsering ebay.
part of being interested in art is never stopping at it's own borders.
not everything needs to come out of a museum. most things that are never really
exhibited belong in musea more than current artists.

i went to 'night of the museum'(nacht van het museum) last week, and the exhibition in the SMAK gallery, the ghent museum of modern art almost made me cry. it was uphauling, honestly.

enjoy the pictures,
i'll explain sometime soon why i find them interesting.

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