December 06, 2008

updating the blog

'oh, listen to him babble,he's full of intentions again' i hear automatov moan.
don't worry, dearest friend, ill expand this personal cult around you. it is about time you , dear petrov, gain some personality.
i am going to make you a real character.
'great' he sighs sarcastically

here's the idea of automatov petrov. the deeper, underlying thought. for those who aren't afraid to be deep, off course. automatov petrov is a metaphore. an explanation for what's intense about painters. they are all searching for a way to depict theyre dailey lives. what they see of what they feel or whatever. this urge to depict, is like another persona.
a painter lives a life like any other, but in the back of his head, through his eyes, another man watches. someone observing everything.

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