July 23, 2009

i have to, i really do

recently I gave a lecture about the relationship between art and cinema. between painting and cinema. there wasn't really a huge turn-up, unfortunatly, but i would advice everyone to go buy or rent the Peter Greenaway documentairy 'rembrandt, j'accuse'
He analizes 'de nachtwacht' by rembrandt meticously.
but that's not what is interesting,
what's interesting is the subtext.

cinema is capable of MORE,
and the vague notions can be spotted by the attentfull observer.

as a treat,
and a compulsion,
i'll post 'de nachtwacht'

it's only natural I would post it someday.

July 22, 2009

Peter Paul Rubens

the most famous flemish inhabitant, i suppose
two new assets for my online museum

July 07, 2009

great news

since about a week or so,
i'm a part of the website 'urban sketchers"
i'm actually really proud of that, i've been following the site for a while now.


July 03, 2009


art can sometimes be found in unusual places.
this week, the library in a local town near me, was having a stock-sale.
i saw it as a chance to buy some books i would never buy for high price, books i would nevertheless love to own and read.
i ended up leaving there with a pile of over 50 books. 10 were for reading, the rest i bought because of their hugely attractive book covers, their illustrations.

i'm thinking about, contemplating still, but i suppose i'll start working with these old covers.