December 30, 2008

happy newyear

December 21, 2008

i want to introduce you to three amazingly beautifull women.
paintings can make you fall in love. or lust.
and with these three i hope you might finally understand the story of pygmalion.
i would like too see these people, these situations, happen in real life. same colours, same shapes, same feelings.

please, enjoy
i want you to understand what paint is capable of.

December 12, 2008

i went to see luc degryse yesterday.
he want's to exhibit some of my work in februari. showing it in the departement where i graduated.
seems like a nice idea, right?
i do think so.

two pictures i find very interesting.
one is the poster fril 'the birds' by hitchcock.
the other one is an antique postcard i found while browsering ebay.
part of being interested in art is never stopping at it's own borders.
not everything needs to come out of a museum. most things that are never really
exhibited belong in musea more than current artists.

i went to 'night of the museum'(nacht van het museum) last week, and the exhibition in the SMAK gallery, the ghent museum of modern art almost made me cry. it was uphauling, honestly.

enjoy the pictures,
i'll explain sometime soon why i find them interesting.

December 06, 2008

updating the blog

'oh, listen to him babble,he's full of intentions again' i hear automatov moan.
don't worry, dearest friend, ill expand this personal cult around you. it is about time you , dear petrov, gain some personality.
i am going to make you a real character.
'great' he sighs sarcastically

here's the idea of automatov petrov. the deeper, underlying thought. for those who aren't afraid to be deep, off course. automatov petrov is a metaphore. an explanation for what's intense about painters. they are all searching for a way to depict theyre dailey lives. what they see of what they feel or whatever. this urge to depict, is like another persona.
a painter lives a life like any other, but in the back of his head, through his eyes, another man watches. someone observing everything.

December 02, 2008

it's been a while since i've posted here
don't hold it over my head,
it has also been a while since i've painted something i was happy with.
i'm thinking about expanding this blog, actually. you'll notice it when the big change happens.
but automatov might start chatting about my new film project, 'the invisible man'
we'll see how it goes

in the mean time, here's another bonnard-interpretation. i actually enjoy painting myself in his world. i've always been so jealous of his paintings, this kind of feels like a friendly invasion. it kinda summarizes were i would want too be

September 30, 2008


both paintings are based on paintings by bonnard, mon maƮtre.

August 27, 2008

dear god,
its almost been a month since i last posted
i really need to update again.
one piece of advice for people who want to keep painting on a high pase
do not do a summer job. this past month has been nothing more than taping
boxes and counting clothes

i have painted though,
but not with alot of energy i'm afraid

August 01, 2008

two more for the shortfilm.
i've got a marble table in my workshop, i sometimes get fascinated by the way simple objects relate to the marble. i get an oppurtunaty to see the object dissapear in the paint, and appear again, in the different ways light falls on them

July 30, 2008

while i write this new shortfilm, i need to let go of steam every now and then
consider this painting 'steam.' painted fast without any real intention of quality

this is supposed to be the improved version of a painting i posted earlier.
hope u liked it, i polished up my photoshopskills

July 25, 2008

im trying something different here,
something more thought-out, not so much different.
being thought out as it is, its not finished. but nevertheless its already becoming interesting, i feel.

July 24, 2008

two works today
the faces painting isnt quite finished yet, i put some work in it and im still not happy
the other one, the landscape isnt more then a simple scetch, of my home-village at night.
nothing special

July 23, 2008

two more paintings,
like before, based on scetches from my scetchbook.
im not 100% happy with the jester painting. but i decided to post it anyway.
im quite happy with the other one. a couple of females, crowded around a performing group of musicians.


July 22, 2008

woman in a red coat

i've also posted it on the other blogsite, since its an edited version of a scetch i made. me and a friend of mine were both stunned by redcoated beauty standing by the side of the podium. i drew het in my scetchbook, and so did robbert(the friend).
i suppose automatov tried to preserve the impression by painting her

i tried to make some more pictures of earlier work, but the batteries of my camera ran low

July 21, 2008

some new pictures of the hubert series. its fun doing it. not the freestyle loose-wrist painting i usually do, but (for once) solely based on colour and shapes. i paint these things reasonably fast, about 1h and a half per board, but im in trance while working on em. i love bending over and focussing on this form of detail.

July 20, 2008

these are some more tests
plain old tests, men with glasses
i like glasses, they tend do give the wearer some form of identity.
and its an easy way to start acting with something thats easily accepted
alot of people wear glasses

automatov doesn't though
hes got perfect vision,

July 18, 2008


this is the last post for the day
automatov petrov has been quite enthousiastic,
but i need some moderation in posting these things
this is a tiny landscape, painted slightly bigger then a postcard.
influences are, i suppose, per kirkeby and some sketches of courbet


this is something automatov painted after browsering through illustration webpages and noticing all the bunnies. theyre a bit of a cliche, really. this is a tiny idea, entirely constructed while working. its called 'hubert keeps going forward'
specifically based for children, i suppose

now this, this is something special.
its a sketch for my new film,
i'll tell the story some other time.

after bonnard

loosely based on a painting made by pierre bonnard
the sole purpose was study
this is my new blog

since graduation i have been forced to move back home. since the production of my short-film has finished, since alot of friends live far far away, and since im a busy-bee, i have been painting like a maniac.

i've always been addicted to paint,
and its getting to mythological proportions

i do want to share what im doing,
in these paintings u'll find alot of things. some are about develloping a new film.
others are just tests, manierisms to outlet my painted frustration.
see, it's the world worst secret i want to become a painter, hopefully make some money out of it.
hopefully soon.

i do advise to watch a few sites while u're at it., a brochure site from my recently finished shortfilm, a bunch of friends and me post sketches made in ghent.

many regards, enjoy my work