July 22, 2008

woman in a red coat

i've also posted it on the other blogsite, gentschetst.blogspot.com since its an edited version of a scetch i made. me and a friend of mine were both stunned by redcoated beauty standing by the side of the podium. i drew het in my scetchbook, and so did robbert(the friend).
i suppose automatov tried to preserve the impression by painting her

i tried to make some more pictures of earlier work, but the batteries of my camera ran low


michiel said...

mooi werk

IEF said...

Alweer schoon! Lekker donker hier... Is het ok als we links uitwisselen... ik zal jouw blog alvast linken aan de mijne, als jij zo vriendelijk wil zijn om dat met de mijn ook te doen?


robbe said...

ja, dasgoed, ief, ik doe het meteen