July 18, 2008

this is my new blog

since graduation i have been forced to move back home. since the production of my short-film has finished, since alot of friends live far far away, and since im a busy-bee, i have been painting like a maniac.

i've always been addicted to paint,
and its getting to mythological proportions

i do want to share what im doing,
in these paintings u'll find alot of things. some are about develloping a new film.
others are just tests, manierisms to outlet my painted frustration.
see, it's the world worst secret i want to become a painter, hopefully make some money out of it.
hopefully soon.

i do advise to watch a few sites while u're at it.
www.erszebet.com, a brochure site from my recently finished shortfilm
www.gentschetst.blogspot.com, a bunch of friends and me post sketches made in ghent.

many regards, enjoy my work

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