June 28, 2009


i haven't done much lately. i've been enjoying graduating, actually.
meeting friends i haven't had the chance to see in a long time. i took a
short vacation in my uncle's cabin in the woods. i tried to relax a little.

i seem to have succeeded. people tell me they've never seen me healthier.
i suppose obsession is a bit like being sick. you're absent all the time,
and the colour of your skin turns pale. you hardly ever come out, and you
can't sleep.

I would like to show you the result of a video-exhibition i recently did.
the film is called 'vreemdeling' or stranger. the subject of this exhibition
was a small old town. it was our job to 'preserve' it in a certain way.
this is my attempt to do so. i found Denderleeuw to be very claustrofobic,
and empty. as if this small town could dissapear at any time.
there was an enormous limitation in budget, so i worked with what i got.
i tried to handle this video-footage as if I were painting, as if the camera
was a paintbrush, and the cinemascreen was a canvas.

i would like to show you around there someday.

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