January 22, 2009

alexander cozens

now here is something a friend of mine showed me. i used to think art-history was driven by 'inventions.' complete original thought. kind of what you would expect of a marcel duschamps.
this friend dropped a name i hadn't heard before. in a discussion we had about american-expressionism. i claimed, at the time, that it was 'original.'
re-invention of painting and such. the things they teach you (and me) in artcollege.
enjoy these alexander cozens drawings, sketchings, paintings.

it does not prove this claim made by alot of artstudents i've come acros. 'you can't be original, so don't even try.'
it actually supports the idea of originality. but, as we both concluded in that discussion, almost 4 years ago. originality is something you obtain by working hard, and knowing what you are doing. originality is pushing the boundaries of your craft

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