January 20, 2009

the odalisque

it's a styleform that seemed to have grown in popularity since the invention of it. orientalism originally was a way of depicting these beautifull mysterious arab women. maybe the most beautifull example was painted by ingres.
some time later. about a century, the odalisque seemed to have become a reason to paint beautifull women. an excuse almost. the art-changing artist gladly used the theme of the 'odalisque' and started playing with it. the content didn't change much. mysterious beautifull women. the form changed alot however.
i brought henri matisse and a sketch of picasso along for this.
i have got alot more where these come from. i'll post them later.
these paintings always remind me of staring at girlfriends, when they aren't aware of it. an odalisque is just a little bit like staring through a keyhole

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