January 24, 2009

some spanish painters

suppose this was a museum,
what i sometimes claim,
there would be paintings i would definitly want hanging on it's walls,
just don't ask me to motivate why.
a few of these spanish paintings are sugar-sweet.
but you can't deny it's mastery

years ago, when i just learned about art, i would have turned away from these. claiming art can't be that sweet. i wouldn't have seen this brilliance.

'enfermo' (hospital) by luis jimenes arranda
'harem beauty' by fransisco masriera manovens painted 1899
another painting by manovens, of which i could not find title nor year
'woman with a marguerite' by raimundo de madrazo
and 'immaculada concepci├▓n' by juan antonio de fr├Čas y escalante

if you don't like theyre paintings, at least admire their names.

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