February 10, 2009

about the 'installation-generation'

this might be a rant.
i'm not sure.
first of all, i'm a fan of installation art.
the right artist can create these beautifull complex series ,walking past, by or in them is an experience on it's own.

here is this installationgeneration. young artist who probably share this experience as they walk in the same musea as i do. we might even share the respect for the art.
but it seems we have different standards.
alot of contemporary art is flat, ugly, uncomplex, simple, imitated.
this generation doesn't appear to see this, and they, being the fourth or fifth generation of artists since the invention of installation, imitate the imitators.

it seems these imitators of imitators misinterpret the phrase 'less is more'
it seems they mis-interpret the intention of art alltogether.
maybe they have become such a small sub-social group of artist, only talking to each other, they forgot theyre a part of the artworld.

art is supposed to be complex ,
an artist is someone who controls this complexity.
mastering every aspect of theyre medium, to tell his or her beautifull complex story.
something as beautifull as walking down a street is art on its own.
the installationgeneration would probably just point a camera on this walking person
an artist recreates this street, aware of what he or she is showing his audience.

this generation of imitating imitators
copy's of copy's
the bad print of a printed poster
the camphone bootleg of your favorite film
is found everywhere throughout the internet
i rant,
because I occasionally stumble upon theyre sites,
theyre blogs.
i guess i need to ventilate

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