February 01, 2009

my ambition

i'll just tell everyone my ambition.
i've learned how to paint. and i think i've got the right idea.
i'm not the best yet. i'm not sure if i ever will be. but having the right idea and
fullfilling that idea in images is more important then being the best.

what i'm missing right now is the right incentive for viewers.
i need a decent 'story' for every single work i make.
being obsessed with paint is a part of this story, already,
'horror and beauty' is another part of it.

the third part is the most difficult one.
i'm trying to paint 'intimate'
in a way that everything you see, has a very close appeal to it.
even a pair of shoes could become something you would want to caress.

i have had my visual obsession with object for a long time. it seems almost
ridiculous i haven't tried to translate this yet. butt believe it, i have never been
selfsecure enought to try. i'm finally there, at long last.

the new film will be exaclty about that experience.
my paintings will be about intimacy, i will find a way to tell this 3fold story
in every frame i paint

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